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This LED light filament clock is well-designed and attractive, which can display the time, date, month and year.

Model: STARK-159
Display Box: Acrylic
Working Voltage: 5V
Working Current: 0.2A
Size: 31x6x10cm
Weight: 618g
Type: Transparent Display Box
1. The digital tube adopts one new type of LED, made of ceramics.
2. Acrylic display box, well-designed and attractive.
3. The brightness is adjustable by switch, which can display the time, date, month and year.
4. Low-voltage power supply, low power consumption, less than 1W, safe and reliable, extremely power-saving.
5. There will be minimum error even if the built-in power supply is cut off and on.
6. No heating, long service life.

1. It is connected to the 5V power supply for time display.  
2. The four keys are respectively set to increase, decrease, select and determine. The time has been set up already, basically without manual modification.
Package Included:
1 x Six Tube LED Light Filament Clock
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