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The Raspberry Pi and 18650 Battery are not included


- X725 is an improved version based on the X720. AUTO PWR ON/AUTO UPS Function Added and RTC Function Removed.
- The X725 is suitable for all current models of the Raspberry Pi using a 40 pin header.
- Using 18650 lithium battery, supports power output up to 5.1V Max. 8A, and it also provides intelligent and safe power management, remote power on/wake on lan(WOL), safe shutdown and full poweroff through software

Key Features:

- Smart Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), upto 5.1V Max. 8000mA Power Backup
- Can work with single or dual 18650 Lithium Ion battery
- Provides continuous operations for up to 10hours (depending on battery type used)
- Supports 2A via micro-USB socket or 3A via DC jack fast charging
- With battery protection circuit over current protection and over voltage protection
- Integrated Maxim's fuel-gauge systems (Reading battery voltage and percentage via i2c)
- With 10-A fully-integrated synchronous boost converter
- Intelligent automatic charging and discharging
- Automatic safe shutdown when battery low (voltage <3.0V)
- On-board LED blinking when the battery condition low (voltage <3.0V)
- On-board LEDs show the status of battery charging and discharging
- On-board pin header to select auto power-on when power supplied or battery installed
- With second 10/100M fast Ethernet, supports remote power on/wake on lan via Link-change, Magic packet, MS wakeup frame, on-board LED shows the status of power on/wakeup packet indication

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Package Included:

1 * X725 Power Management Expansion Board

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